Eleven is an independently produced, luxury print magazine on the themes of music, creativity and storytelling, with guitar as a springboard for the stories. Eleven is a female-owned platform for sharing beautiful photography, but also, to push beyond that, to lift up interesting people from all corners of the guitar world, to build relationships and celebrate the things that inspire us to create.

Eleven issue two is here! Featuring eleven stories over 132 pages, from talking spooky surf-guitar on a Tarantino-style film set with cover-star Olivia Jean, to up-close access to Dave Grohl’s Trini Lopez collection at Foo Fighters HQ.

We explore the racks of swap meet treasures at Wilco’s private recording studio, The Loft, in search of strange catalogue guitars from the atomic age, and grapple with an abundance of lutes when visiting the art galleries of London in pursuit of early representations of the guitar in painting.

Later, we take a walk through the marshes with folk musician Johnny Flynn and multi-award-winning author, Robert Macfarlane, in conversation on storytelling, collaboration and creative inspiration in the natural world.

We learn more about all the weird and wonderful inventions behind-the-scenes at Third Man Records with Jack White’s guitar tech, Dan Mancini, get nerdy about vintage tube amps with Colleen of Fazio Electric, and boldly go where no guitar photographer has gone before on a boutique B-movie inspired adventure into the desert with three little green men.

Issue two of Eleven includes so much more besides, from exploding effects pedals to a well-travelled Burst, to a mini masterclass with acclaimed guitar tutor and creator Paul Davids.

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Issue one brings you eleven features over 132 pages; from the challenges of resurrecting an early 1952 Goldtop that survived a tornado, to an up-close forensic examination of Kurt Cobain’s Smells Like Teen Spirit Fender Mustang, and the survival story of a cruise ship guitarist who saved over 500 passengers when the liner he was performing on began to sink off the coast of South Africa, only for the captain and crew to abandon ship.

Eleven shares interviews with artists and luthiers alongside detailed photo stories of the finest vintage guitars - from two of Fender’s rarest 1960s custom colours to a Burst rediscovered after decades in a basement. We talk golden-era collectibles and guitar photography with Gibson photographer Mitch Conrad. There’s even a mini masterclass on how to take better photographs of your own guitar.

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